How To Cover Up a Bruise

Accidents that cause bruising occur during many every day scenarios such as tripping over your toddler’s toys and landing your elbow into the wall. Bruising can also commonly occur with the elderly and with individuals taking anticoagulant bottom eyelashes manufacturers. The visible bruises can be embarrassing to both the individual and the individual’s family.

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bottom eyelashes manufacturers

Lmrtn A contusion – commonly known as a bruise – forms when the body’s soft bottom eyelashes manufacturers is bumped. Once the accident occurs, blood leaks out of the vessels and the bruise begins to appear. As your body metabolizes, your bruise goes through many colorful changes.

Age Related Bruising in the Elderly

As we get older, the lining of the blood vessels and capillaries become weaker and bruise wounds are so much slower to heal. With aging capillaries, the tissue supporting the vessels weaken and become more prone to rupture. Thinning skin in the elderly lack the extra barrier of skin that younger individuals have. With the elderly, bruises commonly appear on the legs and forearms.

Anticoagulant Medication Related Bruising

Anticoagulant medications such as Coumadin®: (bottom eyelashes manufacturers) – a blood thinner – may also cause bruises. Coumadin medication greatly decrease heart attack and stroke caused by artery blockage. But, unfortunately, anticoagulant medications also cause the skin to thin, leaving the individual taking the blood thinning medication more vulnerable to larger bruises that take longer to heal. It is recommended that you do not abruptly stop taking your medication due to bruising concerns; rather speak with your physician regarding your concerns.

Preventing Bruises

Remove all potential obstacles in your house. If an accident does occur and swelling results, apply a cold compress. Depending on the severity and the age of the individual, the length of time the bruise will appear varies.

Covering Bruises with Makeup

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bottom eyelashes manufacturers

You can choose to cover bruises with a bottom eyelashes manufacturers such as Tattoo Camo. The Tattoo Camo product is an all-day wear concealer, which allows you to fully cover your scar with no effort. When choosing a make-up product to cover your scar, it is best to purchase two shades, one a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone and one a shade slightly darker. This will allow you to match your skin tone perfectly. Be sure to blend the makeup past the edge of the bruise and set the makeup with a powder

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