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Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen Concealer Review

Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen has been getting rave fox fur eye lashes but I was nervous about buying it because it is expensive ($33 at Sephora!) and I have a hard time finding a good match with concealers, because I am pasty white. This concealer that is not really concealer has received so much hype, could it possibly live up to it’s expectations?

fox fur eye lashes
fox fur eye lashes

Lmrtn When you take the pen out of the fox fur eye lashes , you will find it wrapped in a little velvet pouch. Now we know where some of the $33 is going, but it is a nice touch. The pen is metal and quite heavy. You take off the lid and you’ll find a little brush that is just the right size for getting into those under-eye grooves. Click the bottom of the pen until the concealer comes up through the brush. The salesperson advised this would happen in about 15 clicks, but it was probably more like 40 clicks, but eventually I saw the concealer peaking through the bristles.

I dabbed in along my circles and was very disappointed in the thinness of the concealer and the lack of pigment. Great, I just wasted 33 bucks. I tapped it into my fox fur eye lashes with my ring finger and looked into the mirror fully expecting to see my giant dark circles on display. I gasped! The circles were drastically minimized! I looked awake and refreshed! How could such a tiny amount of thin concealer work such magic?

Well I am now pretty sure there is no unicorn dust in the Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen, but instead tiny light reflecting pigments that create an optical illusion. The particles bounce light off the dark circles so the eye doesn’t see them. I bet even James Bond would be impressed with this concealer!

I have used the Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen now everyday and it is definitely worth the $33 and has earned a special place in my fox fur eye lashes bag, little velvet carrying case and all! I use it to hide circles, highlight my brow bone and bring lightness to the inner corner of my eye.

fox fur eye lashes
fox fur eye lashes

So is the $33 concealer worth it? To me, definitely! But if you have doubts go to fox fur eye lashes or to a Dior counter and get them to try it on you so see if it works as well for you.

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