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Whichever age you may be, you will use the same products, but the way you apply them or the shades you use may change mink lashes supplier.

Eye base is a specially formulated product designed to hold eye shadow in place, and can also prevent deeper shades of eye shadow staining the fine delicate skin of the eyelid. Apply evenly over the entire eyelid from mink lashes supplier to brow with your index figure.

mink lashes supplier
mink lashes supplier

Lmrtn Next are your eye pencils. Kinder on the eyelid than liquid eyeliner, these are also more youthful looking. Choose a shade to suit your skin colour. Always sharpen your eye pencils before you use it. Starting at the outer edge of the upper lid, gently apply as close to the lashes as possible approximately two thirds of the way along. For the lower lid, apply close to the mink lashes supplier starting at the outer edge to halfway along. Soften both lines with a cotton bud.

The perfect frame for any eye shape is a well groomed eyebrow. You can give yourself an instant face lift by reshaping your brows using the steps below;

• Pluck away any stray hairs between the brows
• Make sure the inner corner of the brow lines up with the inner corner of the eye
• Remove any long or greying hairs with tweezers, pulling in the direction of the hair growth
• Enhance the natural arch by removing stray hairs from underneath
• If necessary lengthen and fill in brows with a brown pencil to match hair eyebrow colour
• Make sure the natural length extends beyond the outer edge of the eye

Powder eye shadows are much easier to use than cream ones, the latter being harder to blend and tending to crease. Choose at least two shades of complementing colours from your palette. Matt and shimmering eye shadows are far more flattering and youthful looking.

Gently lift the eyelid upwards, holding the brow – this will flatten any creepiness on the eyelid, where the skin becomes stretched and falls into loose folds. Use a blender brush to apply a base colour all over the entire eyelid. Apply other colours to suit your eye shape, using an angled brush. Blend all colours together with the blender brush.

mink lashes supplier
mink lashes supplier

Another available item in many colours and formulations is mascara, ensure you choose one that not only complements your natural colouring, but also does not overload your mink lashes supplier with heavy fibres. The most flattering colours are black, brown and navy blue at all costs avoid bright fashionable colours. Make sure you replace your mascara regularly – say about every three months at the most to avoid eye infections.

Gently turn the mascara want in the tube – pumping forces air into the tube, which dries the mascara prematurely. By wiping the mascara wand over the top of the mink lashes supplier you will remove any excess eye shadow, while adding volume to your lashes.

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